If you’ve been dieting for years to no avail, you might feel stuck and frustrated. Should it really be this hard to lose weight? Unfortunately, diet, surgery, weight loss supplements and exercise alone can’t address why you overeat. In many cases, those habits have deep roots in our childhoods or trauma—which is why hypnosis for weight loss can help. Stop self-sabotaging your best efforts, and train your subconscious to stop relying on binge or stress eating for comfort.

How it works
Your subconscious is powerful—and when you’re struggling to lose weight, it holds the keys to weight loss. Often, the subconscious feels comfortable with the size you are, leading to behaviors that continue to support that homeostasis. You may have a subconscious sense of safety at a higher weight, or deal with long-term engrained messages from your childhood. Whatever the reason for your weight gain, your subconscious keeps sabotaging your efforts to lose weight.

Weight loss hypnosis is one way to root out these behavioral triggers, then disarm them. Your subconscious mind can be trained not to eat when you’re stressed or otherwise emotional.
Your hypnotherapist will work with you to put you in a meditative “trance,” where it’s easier to reach your subconscious mind. If you’ve ever tried a guided meditation, you’ve experienced similar effects. While your conscious mind is relaxed, your subconscious is still awake and alert. The hypnotherapist will give you gentle suggestions to banish your triggers and use healthier coping mechanisms. In some cases, you might explore the root of your triggers and find ways to address them.

Does hypnosis for weight loss work?
There’s no magic weight loss solution, but hypnosis can work for you. It won’t make you not hungry or solve all of your issues in one session. Instead, it will help you root out the issues that cause you to self-sabotage your weight loss, so you’re no longer compelled to seek comfort or safety in food. The rest—a healthy diet and regular exercise routine—is up to you.

Weight loss hypnosis works differently for everyone, depending on what kind of triggers they’re working with. Some people may experience success at a faster rate. However, this can be an effective way to address your persistent weight gain and inability to lose weight.

At Hypnosis by Doctors, we offer a 12-session weight loss program. We’ll start with identifying and combating your cravings, then move on to portion control, motivation to exercise, stress management and how to maintain your good habits. At the end of the program, patients feel reduced cravings for unhealthy food, and an increased craving for vegetables, fruits and lean protein. Your subconscious mind will be retrained to find value and comfort in healthier habits.

Our program has helped numerous patients to lose weight, in some cases more than 80 pounds. If you’ve tried everything and still struggle to maintain good habits, try weight loss hypnotherapy. Call Hypnosis by Doctors today to set up your first appointment and learn more about how we can help.