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Alcohol And Drug Abuse With Clinical Hypnosis In Montgomery, AL.

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 Alcohol Abuse Treatments in Montgomery, AL

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Drugs and alcohol can take over a person’s life. Not only do they cause harm to the body, they become all-consuming. You spend money, make poor decisions, falter on responsibilities and hurt the ones you love—all to satisfy addiction. Hypnosis by Doctors is here to help you break the cycle if you’re in Montgomery, Prattville, or Millbrook, AL and treat your addiction at its deepest level: in your subconscious.

Hypnosis is a alcohol abuse treatment that’s proven to work equally as effectively for drug addiction. Unlike other methods for substance abuse treatment at fluxxlab, hypnosis doesn’t solely rely on abstinence—it focuses on retraining your brain to no longer crave drugs and alcohol, and empowers you to break habits surrounding these vices.

4-8 Private Session Programs

While some inpatient rehab programs can last as long as 12-14 weeks, hypnosis is an extremely quick, extremely effective non medicated drug abuse treatment. Our Montgomery, AL patients generally see results in 4-8 sessions, and one-off sessions are always available in dire times when the situation calls for it.

In addition to faster results, hypnosis is also affordable and accessible. Inpatient treatments and medications can cost thousands of dollars and aren’t always available to individuals. Hypnosis sessions are affordable and can be scheduled at a time when you need them most. Plus, think of all the savings you’ll experience when you give up using substances!

Office and Smartphone Sessions

Breaking free from addiction can leave a person feeling anxious or scared. Sometimes, you just need reassurance and affirmation that the steps you’re taking are the right ones. It’s why we offer both in-person and over-the-phone hypnosis sessions. We make it as easy as possible for Montgomery, AL patients to get alcohol abuse treatment where and when they need it.

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4-8 Private Session Program Office or Smartphone Counseling

Basically, our drug abuse treatments are designed to remove the desire (for the alcohol or drugs) so that you just won’t want it any more. If you don’t want it then it becomes that much easier to say no to it should temptation arise. In a very real sense, we change the attitude that you have toward the alcohol or drugs. We change your priorities so that the desire for the alcohol or drugs is replaced by a stronger desire for health, vitality, self-respect, control and freedom. Now in cases of chemical dependency there are sometimes a number of emotional factors that might need to be addressed in the course of therapy along with the addiction itself.



4-8 Private Session Program Office or Smartphone Counseling

If you are like most people, there have been nights when you toss and turn, restless and exhausted. The harder you strive and strain for sleep, the wider awake you become. We can teach you an effective procedure and you will not be troubled by insomnia. Once we train you on how to relax deeply, a restful nights sleep in inevitable.



4-8 Private Session Program Office or Smartphone Counseling

Nail biting is a subconscious habit. Your conscious mind knows you shouldn’t bite your nails, but that’s not enough to stop you. This is where we can help; regardless of how many years you’ve bitten your nails. Most nail biters engage in the habit when they are watching television, concentrating, or nervous. You learn to associate biting as a relief or distraction when you are in these situations or states of mind. It takes a subconscious therapy approach to deter this subconscious habit and create new habits of relaxation and self-control. We also address the habits of skin picking, hair pulling and thumb-sucking.



4-8 Private Session Program Office or Teletherapy

What we’re going to do is to teach you how to access the information that’s stored in your mind. As you probably know, your subconscious mind has the ability to store any and all information it receives. Basically, what we’re doing is conditioning your subconscious mind to make that information more easily and readily available to your conscious mind. We’ll also teach you techniques so that you’ll be able to block out distractions when you study or read. This will also allow you to focus your concentration on whatever it is you want to focus on. You’ll find that your mind will no longer wander from one thing to the next. One of the major reasons people fail tests is because of anxiety. Most people know the information that’s being asked on the exam, but when they get into the test situation, they get nervous and all that knowledge just goes out the window. We will teach you how to remain perfectly calm and relaxed during the exam and also teach you a technique to instantly reach down into the subconscious mind for the answers to any questions that you might be having difficulty with.

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4-8 Private Session Program Office or Smartphone Counseling

Do you gamble until all your money is gone? Do you constantly think about gambling? Do you borrow money for gambling or sell property to finance it? Have you jeopardized or lost a close relationship, job, career or educational opportunity because of gambling? You are likely to be a problem gambler. Gambling is a subconscious habit and is triggered by almost any situation where you believe you can get a lot from putting a little in. It is triggered by life stressors and is used as an escape.



Gambling is one of the most difficult addictions to break because it doesn’t involve a specific substance. Unlike smoking or drinking, it’s difficult for people to internalize their gambling addiction without associating it to a physical thing. As a result, many gambling addicts don’t get the help they need.

Hypnosis by Doctors brings Montgomery, AL gambling addicts gambling abuse treatments to help them break free of this vice. Whether it’s a specific type of gambling—like poker, casino games or sports betting—or competitive stimuli that causes a person to gamble on everything, hypnosis gets to the root of the problem.

By tapping into your subconscious, hypnosis gives you control over your triggers and gambling tendencies. You’ll learn to recognize impulse, control it and decide not to gamble. It’s not simply about abstinence—it’s about reteaching your body to not want to gamble.

4-8 Private Session Programs

While many gambling addicts turn to traditional therapies and counseling, the best advice these programs can often give is to abstain and to avoid situations where gambling may occur. Hypnosis takes non medicated gambling abuse treatment to a new level. Over 4-8 private sessions, you’ll learn to control your gambling impulse, break bad habits and regain control over your emotions. At the end, you won’t feel the need to gamble!

Office and Smartphone Sessions

Whether you prefer face-to-face hypnosis or would like to receive sessions over the smartphone, Hypnosis by Doctors conforms to your needs. Our gambling addiction treatment are effective in either scenario. We’ve helped numerous Montgomery, AL gambling addicts overcome their impulses in-person, as well as through convenient smartphone sessions.

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If you’ve tried breaking free from your addiction before, but can’t stay sober or overcome the urge to use, it’s time to explore a different option. Contact Hypnosis by Doctors today at 334-213-0054 to schedule a hypnosis appointment and learn more about how we tap into your subconscious, to fight addiction at the root.

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Sports betting. Casino games. Online poker. No matter your gambling vice, Hypnosis by Doctors is here to help you break free from it. Contact us today at 334-213-0054 to learn more about hypnosis drug abuse treatments, and how it can help you overcome your gambling impulse at a subconscious level, once and for all.