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Clinical Hypnosis Will Get Results!!!

Changed Behavior

I am exercising more and eating less. I pick and choose the foods that are good, healthy and right for my body, leaving sweets off. My behavior is changing and I have no cravings for fattening foods. I have more energy than I did before starting this program.

Julius, Retired

Out of Control Eating Habits

When I started with Dr. Smith, I was out of control with my eating habits. I weighed the most that I ever have: 226lbs. I’ve had serious health problems in the past 2 years, including two major surgeries.Since I have been seeing Dr. Smith, I have lost 21 lbs and feel much better. I’ve stopped snacking & started a much healthier lifestyle. Now I’m able to exercise for longer periods of time.

Lisa, Nurse

Canceled Bypass Surgery

It was after I was scheduled for a gastric bypass assessment that I decided to contact Dr. Smith about my weight. Thanks to Dr. Smith, I have learned life-changing information. I am making healthy food choices, exercising and utilizing relaxation techniques. I am 8 weeks in the program and have lost 25 pounds…I have cancelled the gastric bypass assessment with the blessings of my doctor.

Angela, Medicaid Quality Control

Permanent Weight Loss

Our records indicate you have trained over 500 employees for safe and permanent weightloss… I have stopped eating cakes and sweets since the group weight loss sessions with Dr Smith.

Maxwell Gunter Airforce Base/SSG Wellness Center