Learn Self-Hypnosis &
Therapeutic Meditation

Learn Self-Hypnosis
Control Pain & Stress
Lift Depression & Anxiety
Stop Procrastination & Achieve Success Mindedness

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Eliminate Cravings With Precision Hypnosis!

Pain Relief Hypnosis By Phone!

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No Weight Gain or Withdrawal

Lifts Depression, Anxiety & Stress

Hypnotherapy Works by Phone

Hypnosis Stops Alcohol and Drugs

Poor Memory, Sleep, Gambling?

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Since 1992 we have Guaranteed effective results without diets, medications and long-term treatment.

Dr. Clinton W. Smith

Did You Know This About Hypnotherapy?

The American Medical Association Approved Clinical Hypnosis for Pain Control.

Albert Einstein Credits Self-Hypnosis for the Theory of Relativity.

See What Dr. OZ Says About Medical Hypnosis!

Find out Right NOW if you can benefit from Clinical Hypnosis!

Did you know that you experience hypnosis frequently while driving a vehicle, watching TV or intensely focusing on a computer screen or phone?

Learn how to use the power of your own mind to help yourself lose weight, free yourself from anxiety and depression, pain & migraines, stop smoking/alcohol/drugs and gambling addictions. Just as Albert Einstein used Self Hypnosis to come up with the theory of relativity you to can use this amazing tool, “Your Mind” to improve your life experience. Simply listen to the Audio below that includes a FREE HYPNOSIS TEST to find out if you are able to benefit from the power of using your own mind to heal yourself without the aid of pills.

After listening to the above audio clip are you now aware of the many ways you are hypnotized every day? Did you feel resistance trying to open your eyes? If so, Congratulations you are an excellent candidate for Clinical Hypnosis!

Start a Career & Grow Your Skills &

Become Certified in Hypnosis & Coaching


As a Certified Instructor for the National Guild of Hypnotist for more than 15 years, you can be trained in a few weeks for a lucrative career and certified as a Hypnosis Consultant. Learn the science and art of hypnosis and psychology to help yourself and others with bad habits to restore health, mind and body.

The field of hypnosis and hypnotherapy can positively effect a remarkable range of health conditions but not limited to: Weight Loss, Stop Smoking, Improving Memory, Pain Management, Stress Control, Alcohol & Drug Abuse

Add to Your Skills: Office Workers, Teachers, Counselors, Medical Professionals

Reserve Your Appointment For a One Hour Consultation By Phone Or Office.