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  • The purpose of the Hypnotic screening is to find out if you’re a good candidate for hypnosis. It is educational and uncommonly interesting experience.
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  • Your welcome to have a significant other person to sit in with you during this initial consultation.

Option 1

You will participate in a private interview, assessment and receive a therapy plan from Dr. Smith or Dr. Vaughn. You will receive an interactive screening to PROVE that you can experience hypnosis.

  • You will receive at no cost a self-hypnosis recording  to reduce stress and anxiety. This is a $19.95 value.
  • Complete the appropriate registration form  in the brown box below. You must make a $35 payment with a debit or credit card to reserve your appointment.
  • The payment for the screening will be returned through discount if you choose to start a program with us.
Office Screening are available upon request.

Option 2

You may choose a FREE private assessment and therapy plan for your lifestyle problem in the comfort of your home. However you must complete the FREE Screening registration below to reserve your appointment.

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