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Non- Medicated Hypnosis for Pain and Migraine in Montgomery, AL

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Did you know the American Medical Association (AMA) approved hypnotherapy for pain management in 1958? There’s a strong body of evidence that shows the efficacy of pain management services in alleviating pain from a wide variety of conditions. At Hypnosis by Doctors, we’ve seen firsthand the power of hypnosis for pain relief and management, and have countless testimonials from Montgomery, Prattville, and Millbrook, AL patients to confirm this!

We offer hypnosis for a broad range of pain conditions where conventional medicine may fall short, as well as migraine pain treatment services from arcannabis. With sessions available over-the-phone and in-person, it’s easy to get the pain relief you need to improve your quality of life.

Pain Management Services

Conventional medicine isn’t always effective at helping people manage their pain. Prescription painkillers only mask pain and are dangerously addictive. Surgery isn’t always effective and can be needlessly invasive. And, even when these options might work, they’re expensive! People living with chronic pain are looking for pain management services.

From nerve pain caused by conditions like fibromyalgia to muscle and tendon pains caused by arthritis, hypnosis is proven effective. By tapping into the subconscious, we’re able to stimulate the body’s natural ability to heal itself. You get the relief you need from inflammation, nerve pain, muscle pain, a chronic disorder or whatever is causing you anguish.

Relief From Chronic Migraines

Migraines are one of the most difficult chronic pain conditions to treat, because doctors still don’t understand them. Whether your migraines are caused by stress, muscle tension, pinched nerve, hormonal imbalance, congestion or something else entirely, we’re ready to help you alleviate the pain. Hypnosis is widely regarded as a migraine pain treatment services and one our Montgomery, AL patients swear by. We’re ready to help you find relief.

Pain Control

“Did you know that approve clinical hypnosis can help relieve lower back pain and
fibromyalgia discomfort… It really works!” – Dr. Oz

Did you know the American Medical Association approved hypnotherapy for pain management in 1958?

We can help you reduce or eliminate any type of pain such as migraine headaches, arthritis, fibromyalgia, IBS and back pain. As you probably know, the mind has the ability to help the body heal itself. For instance, if you get a cut or a bruise your body automatically heals that cut or bruise. Of course your condition is a bit more serious and complicated than a simple cut or bruise, but the principle remains the same. And I might also add that, once the body heals itself, the mind can keep the body healthy. You see, the subconscious knows how to help the body heal itself; but, for one reason or another, it doesn’t always automatically do it. Sometimes it needs to be helped along, and this is where our psychological tools come into play.

Basically what we are going to do is give your subconscious that needed guidance to help mobilize your body’s natural healing-process, and put it to work for you. Now, in any kind of disease or illness there are often a number of emotional factors that come into play such as stress, anxiety, worry, anger and so forth. Furthermore, depending upon your particular situation, these may need to be addressed in the course of therapy along with the actual physical problem. Of course we’ll be working along with your primary physician, so we will need a medical referral before we begin the actual therapy. This can be as simple as a prescription from your doctor prescribing our therapy for your condition.

We have over 20 years of experience in private office and tele-counseling to manage any pain. Did you know that the source of pain is the subconscious mind? Clinical Hypnosis and psychological techniques can reduce chronic pain with more than 10 actionable therapeutic strategies. We require a statement from your doctor to remove pain. See client and MD endorsement below.

You get Pain Relief Anywhere!

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Learn how to use the power of your own mind to help yourself lose weight, free yourself from anxiety and depression, pain & migraines, stop smoking/alcohol/drugs and gambling addictions. Just as Albert Einstein used Self Hypnosis to come up with the theory of relativity you to can use this amazing tool, “Your Mind” to improve your life experience. Simply listen to the Audio below that includes a FREE HYPNOSIS TEST to find out if you are able to benefit from the power of using your own mind to heal yourself without the aid of pills.

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