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Hypnosis to Stop Smoking Services in Montgomery, AL

SINCE 2007

Cigarettes are the single most addictive product in history—and the largest cause of lung cancer. Whether you’ve been smoking for decades or have recently picked up the habit, it’s never too late to quit. Unfortunately, that’s easier said than done for most people. Despite your efforts, your brain is hooked and just won’t let you give them up.

Hypnosis by Doctors has helped smokers across the country, and in Montgomery, Prattville, and Millbrook, AL, to quit smoking once and for all. We help you master your addiction and overcome it through the power of hypnosis. It doesn’t matter if you’ve tried everything—patches, pills, injections or cold turkey—even if nothing has worked for you, we guarantee our smoking cessation management services will. Our stop smoking program is one of the fastest and safest way to quit smoking. By next week, you can be a nonsmoker without struggling to overcome cravings.

We Help You Stop Smoking For Good

There is a simple reason that medical hypnosis stops your craving to smoke. We go right to the source of the addiction: your subconscious! Through a combination of behavior modification and NLP, we teach you how to deter the habit of smoking without weight gain or withdrawal. By tapping into your subconscious mind, we’ll teach you how to control cravings and apply powerful techniques to become a nonsmoker forever.

No Pills, Patches or Gum

When you stop smoking with clinical hypnosis, there are no pills, patches or gum to buy. In fact, these products make it more difficult to quit because they continue to satiate your brain without breaking the habit. Hypnosis does what these products can’t: give you the power to mater cravings, instead of giving into them less and less.

No Weight Gain or Irritability

Many people looking for stop smoking treatment assistance get frustrated when they start to gain weight after they quit. This makes them even more irritable, which pushes cravings and makes it harder to avoid smoking. Our method is different. Hypnosis is relaxing, therapeutic and empowering, which means no weight gain or irritability as you regain control over your life!

Quit Smoking with Hypnosis


Portrait of young woman refuses to smoke and breaks cigarette.

Anything you do for 21 days may turn into a habit. It is a fact that the smoking habit is the most preventable cause of death. Unfortunately, habits tend to be permanent until they are professionally impacted and changed. Most programs neglect the vital role of the MIND but it is the MISSING LINK for success and optimum health. If your mind created the habit it can be taught how to break it!

See our written reviews of Ex-Smokers who STOP Smoking at Home since 2007!!!

Stop Smoking With Clinical Hypnosis In 1- 3 Sessions

“Did you know that medical hypnosis can help you stop smoking… It really works!” – Dr. Oz

If you have tried everything to stop smoking like patches, pills, and injections
If you gain weight or have withdrawal when you struggle to stop smoking

We have the tools for you.

Our smoking cessation management services are one of the fastest and safest ways to quit smoking. Many programs use patches, pills and groups; and take up to three (3) months to stop smoking. Just think, by next week, you can be a nonsmoker without struggle or willpower.


We teach you through a combination of behavior modification and NLP, to deter the habit of smoking without weight gain or withdrawal. You will immediately experience control over cravings, and apply powerful techniques that will help you to become a nonsmoker forever.

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What People are saying about our STOP SMOKING Treatment assistance!

Thank you for helping me stop smoking and drinking. When I left your office I had about 1/2 pack of (cigarettes) in the bed of my truck. They blew out on the way home and I have not touched a cigarette since. –Robert Thompson, Educator

I started smoking at age 14 and was a smoker for over 20 years. I found out about Dr. Smith from a friend who had been smoking longer than myself. She told me she got help and I should try it. So do you think I went right away? Nope. It was a year later when I saw that my friend was still a non-smoker. So just think about it, I could’ve been a non-smoker a year earlier, but it’s OK. I’m a non-smoker NOW!! –Tiffany Martin

I was a 2 pack a day smoker for 36 years. I tried the patches and pills but they gave me bad side effects. With the help of Dr. Smith, I was able to stop with no weight gain and no irritability. If you really want to stop, this is the way to do it. –Janet Marsh

I have been a smoker for 57 years and considered to be the worst possible case that all my friends and relatives knew. I saw an ad in the newspaper to quit smoking and thought I would give it a try. I knew that I could not quit on my own so I gave Dr. Smith’s office a call. After my first session with Dr. Smith, I have completely quit. I cannot believe it. People that know me are amazed. If I can do it, anyone can. I highly recommend it. Three packs a day are gone forever. –Mark Parker

I smoked for 30 years at least 1 pack a day. If I had known I could have stopped smoking this easy, I would have tried this psychological approach years ago. –Thomas Faldwell

The cost of 1 pack per day $1,825 for one year
Cost in five years $8,400
Cost in ten years $16,800

Cost per pack
Based on $5 Per Pack (an underestimate)

# Per Day Cost Per
Day Week Month Year 5 Years 10 Years
5 $1.25 $8.75 $35 $420 $2,100 $4,200
10 $2.5 $17.5 $70 $840 $4,200 $8,400
20 $5 $35 $140 $1,825 $8,400 $16,800
30 $7.5 $52.5 $210 $2,520 $12,600 $25,200
40 $10 $70 $240 $3,360 $16,800 $33,600
60 $15 $105 $420 $5,040 $25,200 $50,400

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