As a therapist-coach, I want to share the two most troublesome words that clients use that cause sabotage and distress. They are “What if?” We can use these two words and trigger anxiety and worry about something that may never happen. These words get the imagination involved in a self destructive way.

What if I went home tonight, and my spouse handed me a rose, and what if the rose had a thorn on it, and what if I pricked my finger on the rose? What if the finger became infected? What if I couldn’t find a doctor? What if they had to amputate my arm? We almost never arrive at something positive when we get into the “What If…ing. If you ask yourself a negative question the mind will automatically give you a negative response. During our combination behavioral management and meditation therapy sessions we can quickly teach you how to get control of anxiety and obsessive thinking.

Dr. Clinton W. Smith
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