Did you know that smoking is and always been a habit? What this really means is that before pills and patches were invented millions of people stopped the smoking habit without struggle and relapse. Smoking is a mind thing and you can’t change a habit with a pill. The few people that do stop smoking today often contine to crave cigarettes and tend to relapse. Isn’t it interesting with all the nicotine replacement products, combined with 8 week stop smoking groups, the success rate is still well below 50%.

Before the advent of medication people did not suggest to each other that stopping would be hard. They did not fear withdrawal, weight gain and rarely relapsed. It is also noteworthy that they stopped instantly and was not affected by other smokers. You can certainly ask people who are over 50 years old now to recount someone they know who stopped smoking this way. Moreover, it is unusual to find anyone who has stopped smoking in a similar way in over 25 years. It has become commonplace to hear people say years after quitting with medication that they still crave cigarettes and frequently give into one and relapse.

The Break Away Stop Smoking Method By Phone is about 80% successful in 1-3 phone sessions. It is highly dependent on your commitment to stop and to apply our innovative techniques. In fact the longer you smoke and the more you smoke the easier it is to become a nonsmoker. There are no replacement products, no weight gain, no withdrawal and no irritability. We utilize a combination of strategies such as cognitive-behavioral techniques, NLP and therapeutic meditation.

Call to stop smoking today. Procrastination can be bad for your health.

Dr. Clinton W. Smith
Behavioral Phone Coach